Facials Curacao

Sensational Eye Kur | 25 min

Wake up your eyes to the transformative power of Sensational Eyes.
After a relaxing and specific eye massage, your skin will be treated to cooling
and calming eye pads that will brighten your eyes.


Skin Fluid Express Facial | 25 min

Give your skin a boost with BABOR's personalized fluids that saturate
the skin with moisture and nutrients leaving it feeling soft and smooth in just minutes.


Skin Performance Facial | 60 min

This innovative and power-packed treatment will protect your cell's DNA
with Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec, a molecular catalyst that delivers
active ingredients to the heart of the skin cell for ultimate age prevention results.

Skin Aktiv Facial | 60 min

Radiant complexion, refined pores and perfectly balanced skin are the results
of this targeted treatment. It will remove excess oil without drying the skin
and will result in an even, calm and clear complexion.


Skin Performance Extra Facial | 80 min

Synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients, enhanced
pure fluids designed for your skin needs, and infused with specific massage
and manual techniques that will stimulate skin regeneration and prevent the signs of aging.
The skin is refreshed, radiant and younger-looking.

Baborganic Biological Pure O2 Facial | 60 min

This treatment works to restructure the skin from the inside, while preventing
premature skin aging. It includes pure oxygen energy and ingredients such as
glacier water and organic edelweiss flower extract infusing hydration into the skin
while smoothing out wrinkles. The skin emerges more supple, brighter and hydrated.


Babor Men: Aktiv Facial | 60 min

Cleansing, clarifying and boosting energy will be the forefront of this facial.
Customized to the needs of male skin and their daily rituals, this treatment
provides vitality and enhanced energy while soothing irritation from shaving
and moisturizing the skin for long-lasting results.



Doctor Babor Skin Brightening Therapy | 50 min

This specialty treatment is a fusion of deep exfoliation, hydrating fluids, relaxing massages and a conditioning mask that all focus on brightening, lightening and preventing aging. The treatment utilizes the latest skincare technology to help inhibit the production of melanin and other pigments (dark/age spots) that cause hyperpigmentation.


Doctor Babor Vita Detox Therapy  | 50 min

Skin detoxification is essential for cellular regeneration. This blend of potent vitamins
and minerals will treat the skin and neutralize harmful substances that induce aging 
from the inside out. The resulting detoxification will allow nutrient revitalization, which is
vital for maintaining youthful skin.


Doctor Babor Collagen Booster Therapy | 80 min

Plump and densify your skin with this collagen booster therapy. Using ultra-potent hyaluronic
acid and collagen to boost the skin from the inside out and smooth lines and wrinkles.
The effect of this treatment is amplified with a thermo sculpting mask to seriously lift and
reshape the facial contour.


HSR Lifting Facial | 60 min

Specially designed to improve the skin's resiliency, HSR® lifting uses a
multitude of innovative complexes to firm, tone and lift. The skin becomes
firmer and plumper with more elasticity, allowing the face to regain its youthful contours.


Sea Creation Experience | 110 min

Treat your skin to a luxurious expedition of the deep sea.

In each phase of the lavish Sea Creation treatment, you will feel the innovative, highly effective ingredients from the depths of the ocean begin to saturate your skin step by step, magically
creating perfect radiance with a youthful glow. The SeaCreation treatment – highly concentrated
serum is applied with a tiger conch followed by an exclusive cream that is massaged into your skin
with heated obsidian stones and cool coral stones, followed by two intensive-action face massages leaving your skin looking firmer, smoother and more youthful.
Enjoy a uniquely relaxing time and look forward to the stunning results with BABOR Sea Creation.